FourFactors® Masterclass: The Global Game-changers in food and health

18 Syys 2018 09:30 - 17:00

Wiurila , Viurilantie 126, 24910 Halikko

The uncomfortable truth....80% of all new food and health product launches fail within the first 12 months. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Success can be simple using the FourFactors® tool. A proven brand acceleration tool, the FourFactors® is designed to help you create better targeted innovations - and get them faster to market.

The FourFactors® Brand Acceleration System -

  • Connects trends with categories, brands and consumers in one visual model that helps you to find the sweet spot for innovation.
  • Facilitates step-by-step decision making
  • Creates actionable results
  • Creates team alignment and serves as one language across functions

In this Masterclass, you’ll gain insight and understanding of the global game-changing strategies in food & health, and the big global shifts that are changing consumer behaviours. You'll also learn the FourFactors® tool and how to utilise it, equiping you to leverage these trends - and create innovation strategies that work!

Clarify, align, act...and succeed with the FourFactors®.


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All food & beverages are included in the price. Food is an important part of the experience at Wiurila Manor. Fresh, seasonal dishes utilise local flavours and ingredients, and are designed to be fulfilling, energising and delicious.

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The Masterclass is an inspiring, energising day that includes:

  • Insight into the 3 big global shifts that are changing consumer wants & behaviours
  • Insight into the 6 game-changing strategies in food & health
  • An understanding of the FourFactors® tool, and how to use it to accelerate consumer-centric innovations in the market
  • A memorable experience with colleagues and peers at Wiurila Manor
Learn what is happening, why it is happening and how you can make it happen for your business!


The Masterclass will benefit anyone involved in innovation within food, health and nutrition. The FourFactors® is an invaluable tool for Management, Business Development, Sales & Marketing individuals to fast-track success with targeted innovations.


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The Healthy Marketing Team

Founded in 2007, the Healthy Marketing Team is today the leading global brand strategy and innovation consultancy for the global nutrition industry. The HMT is the home of the FourFactors®, a consumer centric co-innovation toolbox, based on 20 years of best practices in food & health marketing. In this Masterclass, Peter Wennström, creator of the FourFactors® model, will present insight into the 6 game-changing trends in food & health, and training on the FourFactors® tool.

Invenire Market Intelligence Oy

Invenire Market Intelligence Oy has been working with global and local clients in the food, nutrition and related markets since 2003. Working as the “& Co” partner to business leaders, Invenire’s business facilitation approach helps leaders think, create, connect and act to design and deliver better human-centric and sustainable systems, services and products. Invenire's lead Analyst & Strategist will deliver a valuable insight into the big global shifts occuring, and how they are changing the nature of the consumer-brand relationship.

Wiurila Manor

Wiurila is an esteemed manor of Finland, where heritage meets modern life. Set amongst natural parklands in Halikko, Finland, Wiurila offers an inspiring setting to focus and switch off from the everyday. Wiurila's historical buildings feature a wealth of history and culture, as well as modern creative spaces. Find out more at

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